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2014-03-06 ~ Disneyland Fun

While in Maui, guess who was staying at our hotel/playing at the beach? Non other then my childhood crushes and 90’s Heartthrobs: The Lawrence Brothers!
(Left-Right: Andy Lawrence, myself, Matt Lawrence and Joey Lawrence)

While waiting for our flight in the Delta Crownroom, who should show up but none other then KISS's very own Gene Simmons! He was so cool. Not only did he let me get my picture taken with him, but he even put his sunglasses on me!

One of the best moments of my trip to LA? Let me think…

Probably having Optimus Prime tell me that my shirt made his sensors blush. I just wish I had it on video!

SNHood vs Megatron

Video stopped recording before Megatron could finish, but what he said was:

Place this one in the holding chambers! I will deal with her… personally.

At that point I put my fists up to defend myself, all while remaining eye contact with the Decepticon leader. He began to laugh, stating that I had spirit and that perhaps there was hope for me yet to join him.

Had a nasty car accident on Monday - my car slipped on some ice while I was driving down a hill and it flipped, rolling into a ravine. My car is totaled but I’m fine, just some bumps and contusions. The ER gave me some pills to help with the pain, so I’ve been out for the past day.

Thank God for seat belts, otherwise I’d be in the morgue.

Birdie Blur" by SNHood.

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Preening" by SNHood.

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Hello" by SNHood.

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